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Luxury credit card
Luxury credit card

The Luxury credit card is issued by the Barclay Bank. This card can be used anywhere where the visa is accepted.

Luxury credit card are designed for luxury and those who know how to enjoy it. This card provides luxury gifts and 40,000 points for membership every time a cardholder purchases $ 3,000 or more worth of things.

The card holders can also exchange points for the purchase of airline tickets, they earn twice. It also offers 2% cash discount

Features of Luxury credit card

This credit card does not charge for foreign transactions

Cardholders get luxury gifts as rewards

User can get up to 40,000 points for membership when a purchase of $3,000 is made.

When points are redeemed for purchase of airline tickets, card holder can earn double

The Annual fee for this card is $995 then $295 for each additional extra user

No Initial APR Rate

Purchase APR Rate is 15.24

Cash Advance APR is not charged

No cash advance fees

How to Apply for MasterCard Luxury Credit Card


To apply for luxury credit card, the following criteria should be completed;

Applicant should be at least 18 years old

Must have a valid photo identity card issued by the government

The Applicant should be a resident of the United States

It is expected that the applicant should have a valid SSN number.

Apply Now

Go to the luxury credit card home page and find the “Apply now” tab in the middle of the page

You will then be sent to a new website where you will see the registration form. Before filling out the form, please click the link to read the terms and conditions about valid rates, fees, and other costs.

Complete the details section with the required information; Name, surname, permanent address, city, state, zip code, stay at the permanent address, residence status

In the field for work section and details of financial data and contact details, please provide the following details; Choose jobs, total annual income, account type, primary telephone, business phone, email address.

If you are a resident of the United States, choose “yes” if, on the contrary, touch “no”

Go to the Security Details section of the form to fill the following details; Date of birth, social security number, mother’s first name

If you want to get paperless instructions, check the boxes below and agree that your computer has the hardware and software capable of viewing, printing and saving monthly statements, as disclosed in the disclosure is.

You can add a balance transfer

Finally, click on the box below to read and accept the terms and conditions.

How to check the status

Applicants wishing to check the status of their application can do so by calling (844) 724-2600

To cancel your credit card

Card holders who wish to cancel or discontinue their credit card account, can do so by contacting customer service at (844) 724-2600

To activate your credit card

After receiving the card, call customer service at (844) 724-2600


customer service

1 (844) 724-2600