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Marathon Fleet Card

Marathon Fleet Card.

The Marathon Fleet Card is a good credit card that saves your money when purchasing fuel has no annual fee and no cash advances. This credit card has an online portal with which users can carry out specific tasks. So, use this concise guide below to apply, activate the card and log in to the credit card account.

Features of Marathon Fleet Card

With this credit card, you can save the following per gallon: 1¢/500-2,999, 2¢/3,000-4,999, 4¢/5,000-6,999, 5¢/7,000-9,999, 7¢/10,000+

It has no annual fee.

Have no cash advances. E.g. APR, fee.

It has a late payment fee that is up to $39.

Has purchase APR of $10/month (waived if gallons exceed 1,000 gallons/month).

Requirements for Marathon Fleet Card.

To apply for this credit card, the following requirements must be met:

You are to be at least 18 years old.

You must have a business in the United States

How to Apply for Marathon Fleet Card.

Step 1: To apply, go to this credit card homepage. When you get there you will see the “Business Information menu found at the beginning of the page. Start by giving the required information.

Step 2: You are to give the requested billing information.

Step 3: Under the Additional Information section of the application process you are to supply your tax payer ID. Indicate the years your business has been active, supply the requested information and indicate if your business is exempt from motor fuel tax.

Step 4: You are to reveal how you heard about this credit card by choosing one of the options in the drop-down menu under “Personal Information. Finally, give your business title, first and last name, phone number and your email address. Then, click on Submit Application, but dont forget to read the terms of this credit card.

How to Login to your Marathon Fleet Card.

To login, go to this credit card homepage. Then, give your Username and Password in the specified field and click on Login and you will be able to gain access your online banking.

If you forget your username or password, just click on the I forgot my password link found below the main login menu. In the window that follows, supply your username into the field and click on Request Password. If you forgot your username just call: 1 (866) 544 0699 or email

How to activate your Marathon Fleet Card.

To activate your new credit card, just call this number: 1 (866) 562 1045 and speak to a customer service representative


1 (866) 562 1045.

Mailing Address:

539 South Main Street // Findlay, OH // 45840.