MUCFCU Visa Classic Card Features | How to Apply | How to Login

Miami University and Community Federal Credit Union MUCFCU Visa Classic Card.

MUCFCU Visa Classic Card.
The MUCFCU Visa Classic Card is a good credit card that has no reward but has an annual fee of only $20. This credit card has an online portal with which Users can carry out specific tasks. So, use this short guide below to: apply, activate card and log in to the card account.

Features of MUCFCU Visa Classic Card.

This credit card has no rewards.
It has no signup bonus.
It has an annual fee of $20.
It has cash advance APR of 14.5%.
It has cash advance fee which may change.
Has a late payment fee that may change.
It has purchase APR of 14.5% (APR may change).

Requirements for MUCFCU Visa Classic Card.
To apply for this credit card, the following requirements must be met:
You are to be at least 18 years old.
You are to have a SSN.
You are to be a resident in the U.S.

How to Apply for MUCFCU Visa Classic Card.

Step 1: Go to this credit card homepage, click on the “Apply Online link and give the required information.
Step 2: You are to provide the requested address and housing information in the specified field.
Step 3: Also, supply the required employment and income information in the specified field.
Step 4: You are to list any asset you own, specify if you receive alimony or child support and the amount, and then choose if you wish to add a co-applicant to your MUCFCU Visa Classic Card application.
Step 5: If you wish to add a co-applicant, give the required information in the specified field. If you are the sole applicant, skip this step.
Step 6: Then, choose “New Card” as your Application Type and the Miami Visa Classic as your Type of Card, then give the credit amount that you wish to request. Under the loan information section. Next, indicate if you wish to carry out balance transfer. Also, if you wish to add any comments to your application give it in the blank field.
Step 7: You are to read the APR and card details for this credit card. Finally, you will get the complete terms and conditions after receiving your application. Then, click on Submit to complete your application.
If you are through with all of these steps, your application for the MUCFCU Visa Classic Card is complete. You will receive a response in one business day.

How to login to your MUCFCU Visa Classic Card.

To login, go to the MUCFCU Visa Classic Card login page, click on the “Secure Login link located next to the top of this page and give your Username and Password in the specified fields. Then, click on the “Log In” button and you will have access to your account.
If you forgot your login detail, just click on the Forgot Password link located on the login page and you will be taken to the recovery page.  On the recovery page, give the required information and you will be able to retrieve your login details. Then, click on Continue.

How to activate your MUCFCU Visa Classic Card.

To activate your card, you can either go to a MUCFCU or call this number: 1 (800) 442-4757 and a customer representative will help you.

Telephone: 1 (800) 442-4757.
Mailing Address: MUCFCU // 5120 College Corner Pike // Oxford, OH 45056.