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Napa credit card
Napa credit card

Napa credit card also known as the Napa Easy Pay credit card is provided by Synchrony Bank. It comes with a 6 and 12 months of extraordinary financial benefits when repairs and purchases are made on vehicle. These benefits occur when the card user make purchases of $199 or more in each of the areas in the country. In addition, it extends the customer’s peace of mind on earning three years / 36,000 miles while performing high quality repairs and management with the Easy Pay credit card.

Features of Napa Credit Card

  • Offers 6 and an extraordinary year of financing services for purchases up to $199or more with the Napa Simple Charge Card
  • Offers minimum monthly payments for cardholders
  • 5 provides another acquiring capacity for card holders
  • Beneficiaries have limited high-quality offers
  • It does not combine other credit lines
  • Offers MasterCard to candidates 7-10 days after approval
  • 29.99% for Purchase APR
  • There is no annual fee for using the Napa MasterCard service
  • There are no regular payments
  • Offers 90 days same as money on your buy above 150 dollars

How to Apply for a Napa credit card

Step 1. Go to application home page
Step 2. Read the terms and conditions of your Napa credit card easily before submitting your application
Step 3. Enter your details in the appropriate fields for example, your full name, MI, last name and suffix
Step 4. Choose the location and house number
Step 5. Enter the postcode, city, accommodation and accommodation conditions.
Step 6. State your standard telephone number, type, telephone number for exchange and your e-mail address.
Step 7. Continue with verification of your e-mail address,
Step 8. Enter SSN / ITIN, date of birth and annual network performance
Step 9. Click to select a shared search box if you want to share your credit account
Step 10. Click the Continue tab to continue to the next application page

How to login to your debit account on Napa

On the application page of the Napa card, Click on the login link in the upper-right corner of the page and

  • Enter your e-mail address in the displayed area
  • Enter the password of your Napa Credit Card

How to recover lost password or username

Go to the credit card’s login page
Find the forgotten password / username link in the login area and click on it.
Follow the steps stated on the next page regain your username and password.

How to make a payment with a Napa credit card

  • You can make payment online via the bill login page
  • The use of money or credit cards can be used in any Napa 598 Lincoln payment center
  • You can make payment by telephone via the customer service number at (816) 224-7500.
  • Pay via e-mail via

City of Napa Customers
(Acct # starts with “02”)
City of Napa MDF collections
P.O. Box 51015
Los Angeles, California 90051-5315

Customer service 1 (816) 224-7500.