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National Bank Ultramar Mastercard

National Bank Ultramar MasterCard

The National Bank Ultramar MasterCard is a card designed for Regular customers of Ultramar who may be interested in the card. it is a credit card option that gives cardholders rebates on Ultramar gas and heating oil. Users of this card will not only receive up to 2.5% rebate each year on Ultramar gas purchases and a 2.5% annual rebate on Ultramar gas purchases and Home Heating services, they also get up to 1.25% rebate each year on all other purchases. Although the APR for purchases is 19.99%, anyone spending a significant amount of money as an Ultramar customer could still notice significant savings (APR is subject to change).

Features and Benefits of National Bank MasterCard

Returns are reimbursed every year up to 2.5% for gas purchased from Ultramar distribution stations, 2.5% per year on the heating and heating bill in Ultramar Home Heating with a discount of 1, and 25% per year for all other purchases

There is no Annual fee

Cash advance APR 22.99% (APR can change)

Cash Advance of 3% or $ 10, regardless of the amount that is higher

Late payment fee  is $42.50

Purchases APR 19.99%% (APR can be changed)

How to Login

Go to the login page, and then click Sign in to go to the MasterCard.

Select the MasterCard card on the link page, as opposed to the Client

Enter the MasterCard number and password, where this is indicated on the MasterCard login card, and then click on Sign In

Requirements for application

To apply for this card, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a Canadian resident
  • You have reached the age of consent (18 or 19 years, depending on the province)

Apply now for National Bank Ultramar MasterCard

Step 1 – Go to the card home page. On the overview page of the card. Simply click on Apply Now to be redirected to the application form.

Step 2 – The application process will vary depending on whether you are a customer of an existing National Bank. For people with a national bank account, click Sign in or Sign up now to request an existing account. If you are a new customer, click the Apply now link to begin.

Step 3 – Enter the relevant personal information: title, name, Your name, E-mail address

Step 4 – Before you continue, you must read the terms and conditions and indicate that you are following them by ticking the box. When you are finished, click Continue.

Step 5 – On the second page of the application, enter the following personal information at the top of the form: Date of birth, telephone number, SSN (optional), The name of mother

Step 6 – Then, if necessary, enter the required house address and details: Street number and street name, city, province, Postal Code, Residential status, If you have lived at this address for more than 2 years

Step 7 – Provide the information needed by National bank about your situation, stating your work status, gross gross income and gross annual household income in the field, as shown in the example below.

Step 8 – Select Yes or No to indicate whether you have a bank account with the National Bank. Indicate in the same way whether you want to add an extra card holder and whether you need a hip transfer. When you are finished, click Continue.

Step 9 – Correct all entered information and correct any errors. When you do this, read the two instructions at the end of your request and check the boxes to agree. Click the Submit button to complete the request process.

Steps to Activate the card

If you have just received a new National ULTRAMAR MasterCard by post and have not yet activated it, you , unfortunately, cannot do this on the internet at the moment because the National Bank has not yet placed such a service. Above you can see that we have provided the MasterCard customer service phone number from which you can call to activate the new card.




1 (888) 969-2273

Mailing Address

MasterCard Solutions // 600, De la Gauchetiere Street West, Suite 1847-4 // Montreal, Quebec H3B 5B1