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Priority Destinations World Elite Mastercard

Priority Destinations World Elite Mastercard

The Priority Destinations World Elite Mastercard is issued by the first Hawaiian bank. It is a card with many advantages, such as miles earned, costs for foreign transactions waived off, tourist services, etc. With the card you can easily book a flight whenever you want, without interruption, You can save on purchases when you travel abroad because the card does not charge for foreign transactions, It provides unlimited mileage and There is local customer service.

The Mastercard card comes with Concierge service, Identity theft protection, Emergency services, Joint cancellation  of travel, Travel insurance, Master insurance, Extended insurance, Insured baggage insurance

Features /Rewards of Priority destinations  world Elite Mastercard

  • There is no annual fee for the first year after the first year it becomes Annual fee is $50
  • Cardholders receive thousands issued on trips of $1 for the first $ 6,000 per calendar year and 2X Miles of priority for all other trips
  • Enjoy the Miles priority for every $ 1 you spend on qualifying your daily purchases (gas, food, cable television, telephone and other monthly media)
  • Get priority mileage for every $ 1 you spend on something else
  • APR rate is 99%
  • Purchase APR rate is set at 99%
  • APR balance is 99%
  • Fixed yearly interest rate is00%
  • The minimum interest rate is00
  • Cash advances fee is 5%
  • Transfer costs and verification fees is 3%
  • Foreign transactions is $0
  • The initial annual fee is $ 0

How to Apply for Priority Destinations World Elite Mastercard

To apply for the card and get approval, the candidate must do the following:

  • Go to the application page of the Hawaiian bank.
  • When you visit the website, enter the following personal information; Last name, average start and name
  • Enter the following information in the Home address section; Street name, street name, street type, Apt, city, state, zip code.
  • Answer the following questions; Are you a US citizen?
  • Are you permanent Resident a foreigner?
  • Time for address, home telephone, mobile phone and e-mail address
  • The next section is the E-mail address section. (Only enter this section if it differs from the above.) If your postal address is the same, go to the next section) Street or model number in “PO BOX”, street name or PO type BOX number, street type, Apt # , City (*): State(*): Zip code
  • Enter the following information in the Section for Work Information, Job title, company or company name, how long on this line, current working time, work phone, monthly gross income
  • In the second part of the monthly income the following data is required; Income from non-taxable profit and loss account, All other income and other sources of income
  • Enter the details of the owner of the home or owner; Homeowner, monthly mortgage payment, monthly rent, promo code
  • Scroll down, read and accept the conditions of the book
  • Finally, click on the “Send” link to submit the approval request.

Activate the card

To activate the newly purchased card, call 1 (888) 844-4444.


  • Go to the login page of the first Hawaiian bank
  • Enter login details and click on “Log in”.


  • Go through the login fields and click on the link “Register” to be redirected to a new page where you have to enter the card number without spaces or dashes
  • Then tap “Send”


  • Go to the login page of the first Hawaiian bank
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Click on the “Log in” link and get access to your credit card account.

How to recover your user ID/password

  • your username
  • Click on “Forgot your username” on the login page
  • On the new page, you must log in with your account number and then update your user ID in your user profile.


  • Click on “Forgot password” on the login page
  • On the new page to which

Customer Service Number

Call: (808) 643-9643 Hawaii (Statewide)


(877) 844-4343 (Toll Free)