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RBC Cash Back Credit Card

Royal Credit Card

With the RBC Cash Back Credit Card, you can Make the most of the money you earn with the RBC Cash Back credit card, which offers back with every purchase. You do not have to keep track of category changes, the more you spend, the bigger your cash balance every month.

The features and benefits of the RBC Cash Back credit card

You benefit from a 1% credit for your daily purchases and pre-authorized payments made using the RBC Cash Back credit card.

A Free CustomSwitch® service is available that helps you transfer existing pre-approved payments or set up new pre-paid payments to your Cash Back account.

Purchase rate is 19,99%

Cash Advance APR is 22.99%

The annual fee is $19

No cost on Extra card

Grace period – 21 days

User Enjoy speed, convenience and security by paying for small purchases using Visa payWave

Additional cards are made available to co-applicants and authorized users at no additional cost.

Benefit from worldwide cash access of up to $ 500 a day (up to the available credit limit)

The credit card is accepted in over 600,000 locations in Canada and over 23 million worldwide.

Travel checks are free of charge.

RBC Cash Back Protection of credit card insurance

Get Purchase protection and extended warranty

Chip and PIN technology for extra security

Get a purchase of travel insurance

How to Apply for the RBC Cash Back credit card


The applicant must be a permanent resident of Canada.

Can not have current bankruptcy records.

Apply Now

Go to the webpage of the RBC bank.

Read the terms and condition of using the card and then accept it.

Fill in your first and last name.

Enter your email address and postcode.

Click “Yes or No” to answer the question “Are you a student?”

Start the application process, fill in all relevant information.