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Scheels Credit card is a card offered by First Bankcard and it comes with many benefits for its users, such as a $ 35 discount when your account is approved, The last among the Scheels credit card is the Scheels Visa credit card. Scheels offers two different but similar credit cards.

This is the first bank card to issue credit cards on Scheels. Give cardholders certain advantages that make card transfer interesting. These benefits include a $ 0 annual fee, prize earnings, 0% of the initial 6-month interest rate of $ 500 or more, $ 25 as a gift card for 1500 points.


No annual fee is charged,

The card has no Introductory APR fees for the first 6 months for orders of $ 500 or more

Card users will receive a gift card of up to $ 25 for 1,500 points

Allows users to collect bonus points for store purchases and general purchases

It offers a 5% money back to two categories that you have to choose yourself.

Users earn $ 100 cash back for a quarter or $ 400 per year, only in 5% of the category.

It offers a 2% back in the daily categories and a 1% back on anything else.

The Purchase APR rate is 18.99

Cash Advance Rate APR is 25.24

It has cash advances of 5% or $ 15, whichever is the higher

Application Guide for Scheels Visa Credit Card


Must be 18 years of age or older

Each candidate must have a valid Photo ID

Reside in the United States and

Should not have any record of bankrupt in the past six months.

Apply Now

Go to the credit card’s homepage

Click Apply now

A new online screen with an application form which you must fill will appear on the site.

Enter all the personal information required like First Name, Last Name, Physical Address, City, Province, Postal Code, Home ID, E-mail Address, Confirm Email Address

Provide your personal information and apartment information in the right place.

In the next section, enter some of your security details like the date of birth, the social security number, the mother’s surname, the duration under the address, choose the residence status and the monthly fee for the dwelling.

Next You can choose whether to add an authorized user. It’s quite simple, just enter your first and last name, select your card design, and click “Continue”.

Login Guide

After receiving the card, as long as you have signed up an online account, you can assess your online account  by

Go to this link

In the upper left corner of the page, you will find a small login form.

In the login menu, enter all the login details

Click on Login to gain assess to your online account.


Contact: 1-888-295-5540