Tandem Cashback Credit Card | Tandem Credit Card Login

Tandem Credit Card

Tandem Credit Card

The Tandem Card is a credit card that offers cashback on every purchase made with and no exchange fees when spending abroad.
Tandem Credit Card is a visa which is accessible to all interested individuals. The card does not charge extra on purchases made abroad. Also, make cash payments on these transactions.

Features of Tandem Credit Card

  • It has a Purchase APR is 18.9% to 24.9%.
  • The card has an annual rate is £0.
  • Cash withdrawal from 9% to 24.9%.
  • The interest-free period is 56 days
  • The credit limit is $500.
  • £12 is the fees for Late Payment.

Criteria for Applying for Tandem Cashback Credit Card

  • Must be 18 years or more to apply
  • Applicants must live in the United Kingdom for at least three years
  • Before spending £ 13,000 each year, applicants must submit a standard payment.

How to Apply for Tandem Credit Card

  • Visit the Tandem Card home page
  • Go to the “Begin Application” button
  • Read the Credit Card Terms and Conditions, to determine whether you meet the criteria
  • If you are eligible, enter your mobile number
  • To continue, click on the “Start” button
  • Enter your contact details on the next page
  • Provide your work data, income status, and legislation and review your information and click the “Submit” button.
  • Procedure to confirm the status of tandem

After the entire eligibility examination,
call the bank to check the status of your application on 020 3370 0970.

The process to activate Tandem Card

To activate the Tandem Card, you can simply call the number 020 3370 0970.

Tandem Card Login Guide

To access your online account of the credit card
Go directly to login menu and click on the “Login” link.
Enter your Tandem e-mail and password At that point, click on Login to gain access into your online account.

Password Recovery Process

Locate the Forgot Password link and click on the Forgot Password link.
It will take you to a new page, on the page, provide your email address at that point, click on the reset password.

How to Recover lost or stolen Tandem cards

For customers whose cards are missing or stolen, you can just call the customer service on 0203 370 0970.

Making Payment with Tandem MasterCard

Log into your online account to pay your bill

Tandem Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number

contact customer service agents on 020 370 0970.