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Texaco Techron Advantage Credit Card

Texaco Techron Advantage Credit Card

Texaco Techron Advantage credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank. This credit card is a good credit card option for you, thanks to the rewards program, you can save 3 cents per gallon when you fill your tank, promotion, which can certainly be used by those who travel often.

Features of Texaco Techron Advantage credit card

Cardholders get 3 cents a gallon in fuel credits when you use your card. This bonus becomes 10 cents a gallon after you spend $300 in one month outside of fuel merchants and 20 cents a gallon when you spend $1000 outside of fuel merchants.

No annual fee is required with this card.

The Cash Advance APR is set at 29.99% APR

Cash Advance Fee is either $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater.

Late payment fees can be up to $35.

Purchases APR is set at 26.99% APR


To be eligible to receive this credit card, you must ensure that:

  • You have a social security number
  • Must be resident in the United States?
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.

How to Apply for Texaco Techron Advantage Credit Card

Step 1: Go to the website.

Step 2: Make sure you have chosen the Texaco Techron Advantage card in the card selection area.

Step 3: Fill in the blank fields with the necessary personal information

Step 4: Decide if you want to sign up for the electronic statement. Check the box corresponding to your preferences. Indicate if you want either an “electronic statement” or a “paper statement”.

Step 5:  Read and review the Regulation, give your consent to the electronic communication and check  “I accept” box at the bottom of the page.

Make a payment

After logging into your Texaco Techron Advantage credit card, you can pay for purchases, track reward points and edit important account information that has changed.

To log in, simply enter your user ID in the empty field. Click the “Login” button. To facilitate access to return visits, check the box next to “Remember Me.”

Activate the credit card

Click on  “Secure Activation” link and enter your account number in the empty field. Remember that you must be the main account holder and have the credit card you have to register it. Click the blue and white “Next” button and everything will be ready.


Telephone: 1-800-243-8766

Mail Address: P.O. Box 965013 Orlando, FL 32896-5013