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UMB Visa Credit Card

UMB Visa Credit Card

UMB Visa Credit Card is a standard Visa card with some pleasant privileges, which include, among others, car rental insurance, travel insurance and emergency assistance on the March. It has a signup bonus of 1,000 points earned with the first purchase made within 60 days of card ownership.

Features of UMB Visa Credit Card

Earn 2 points per dollar on gas, groceries, and at discount stores; 1 point per dollar on all other purchases and on balance transfers

A signup bonus of 1,000  points earned with the first purchase made within 60 days of card ownership

Annual Fee is $0

Cash Advance APR is 24.99% APR

Cash Advance Fee is set at 3% of the advance with a $15 minimum and a $50 maximum

Late Payment Fee is Up to $35

Purchases APR is 11.99% to 15.99% based on creditworthiness


To be eligible to receive this credit card, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid social security number
  • Have a valid address in the United States.

Apply Now for UMB Visa Credit Card

To Apply, you must first go to the homepage, click  APPLY NOW to go to the secure application page.

Step 1 – Enter the following information so that UMB can identify you and secure your credit report: Full name and surnames, Birthdate, Social Security number, Name of the mother of the family, Email address, address, The time in the address, Telephone numbers

Step 2: UMB must create a financial profile of its applicant to fully assess its solvency. To do this, you must enter the following information: employment status, position, Name of employer, Duration of employment, The name of the previous employer, Previous position, Previous employment duration, Business Phone, State of residence, A minimum rate for one floor, The basic financial institution., Annual gross remuneration, Other annual gross income, Another source of income (optional)

Step 3 – At this point, you can add 1 authorized user to your account. Enter your name, date of birth and relationship to do so. Remember that as the main account holder, you will ultimately be responsible for all invoices and fees.

Step 4 – Review the Terms and pricing information before submitting the application.

How to log into UMB Visa Credit Card

Go to the UMB homepage and look for the Sign in a tab on the left side of the screen. Enter your user ID and click Next. On the next page,  enter the password before accessing your online account. If you have forgotten or lost your login information, click the I Do not remember my user ID button and it will take you to the download page.

Forgot password or username

To retrieve the forgotten information, select the type of account and enter the card number, the last five digits of the social security number, the valid month of the card and the postal code of the account statement. Finally, click Verify your account’ to complete the download process.

Activate the credit card

You can activate your UMB Visa credit card by calling UMB directly to the number  1, 800-860-4862 or by using the UMB Internet portal by clicking on “Secure Activation”. If you use the Internet portal, click the Register Online link on the landing page. Then, select the type of account and enter the number of the card, the last five digits of the social security number, the month/year of validity of the card and the code Postal statement before clicking  Confirm your account. Then you will be asked to verify the information and create a user ID and security questions before completing the activation process. After doing this, the card will be activated and ready to be used when making purchases.


1 800-860-4862

Mail Address:1010 Grand Boulevard Kansas City, Missouri 64106