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Valero Credit Card

Valero credit card is issued by DSRM National Bank. It can be used in Valero service stations. It has a requirement of low credit rating with no initial rate of APR is required. The normal APR rate is 23.00 and the APR rate with a cash advance is not applicable. There is no annual fee is required with this card.

The Benefits of Valero credit card

  • There is no annual fee  required with this card
  • Cardholders can save 4 cents on the purchase of a 50-gallon fuel
  • Cardholder also receives a discount of 1 cent for the purchase of diesel and gasoline.
  • There is no fee for foreign transactions.
  • There is an Online account control 24 × 7.

Application criteria for Valero Credit Card

To be eligible to receive or apply for this credit card, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be a resident of the United States.
  •  Must have a valid social security number.
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Users of the card must be a resident of the United States.
  • Must have a clear credit history.

Apply Now for Valero Credit Card

Step 1. Go to the home page of Valero. When you arrive at the website, you will see the details section of the client’s account below.

Step 2. Complete the form with the following information: Account, Account name, Last 4 digits of the social security number, Zipcode, Email, and Shipping declaration

Step 3.Check the boxes below to set up alerts for your account. Read the details provided, then click “Next” to continue validation.

How to check the status

You can easily verify the status of your request/invitation by calling 800-333-3560.

How to Login into Valero Credit Card

To access your online banking account, visit the home page (login of Once you get to the website, look for the secure login section on the left and enter your user ID in the empty places below, then press “Log in” to continue the process.  You will be redirected to a new Internet screen where you must enter the login password.

 Forgot your user ID?

To retrieve your user ID, go to the home page and then select the link “I do not remember my user ID” just below the place where you must enter your user ID. If the user can not remember the login password of the account, they must select the link “I do not remember my user ID”, which is located at the bottom of the secure login section.  Download your user ID with the following information: Account, last 4 digits of the SSN number, postal code

 Forgot your password?

Click on the “Forgot password” link at the bottom of the login section of the Military Star credit card home page. Enter the following data to obtain the password: User ID, last 5 digits of the SSN, date of birth then click on the “Verify” button below and you can establish a new password for your account.

Make a payment

The payment procedure is quite simple. It only takes a few minutes. Applicants must log in to their Internet account with the details provided above. After logging in, you will see the “Payments” tab, which will guide you through the process.  You can further simplify the process by configuring an automatic payment method that allows the credit card company to download monthly invoices from the bank account without having to stress.

Activate the card

Activate your card by calling the customer service agent at (800) 333-3560 or through the web portal.

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