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Westgate Rewards credit card

Westgate Rewards credit card


The Westgate Rewards credit card offered by Comenity Bank has low credit requirements and no annual launch rate. The Westgate Rewards credit card has no annual fee, it also has a normal APR rate of 23.24, an APR rate of 24.24 cash advances, a $ 10 cash advance fee or 4% of the amount of the advance, whichever is greater.

Westgate Rewards Credit Card Features

With the Westgate Rewards credit card, you can use the usual Westgate stores. The Westgate Rewards Credit Card allows you to earn points and redeem them for cash on a prepaid Visa® Rewards card.

You can also use your Westgate Rewards earnings and apply them to your Westgate Resorts mortgage account or maintenance and tax account.

Rewards of 2 points per $ 1 on Westgate purchases

Earn 2 points per $ 1 on groceries and gas

Get 1 point per $ 1 everywhere MasterCard is accepted

No annual fee

Provides identity theft resolution services

How to Apply for a Westgate Rewards credit card

Application Requirements

To apply for the Westgate Rewards Credit Card, applicants must do the following:

You must be resident in the United States

you are to have a valid social security number

The applicant must not have a criminal record

The candidate must be at least 18 years old.

How to Apply

Visit the reward card homepage

Click on the “Apply” button under the credit card image on the screen.

Review the terms and conditions accompanying the card at the beginning of the page.

Enter your personal information on empty spaces. Details such as applicant’s name, social number, date of birth, annual income.

Enter your contact information in the required fields: APO / FPO mailing address or rural route address,  address, office or apartment, city and country of the applicant, postal code, email address and telephone number.

Click on “Continue” on the same page to go to the next screen. Provide all other necessary details here, select the card template and finally submit your card for approval.

Customer service

Call: 1-866-886-1013