Affinity Credit Union Low MasterCard Online Login | Application

Affinity Credit Union Low MasterCard

Affinity Credit Union Low MasterCard is the ideal credit card for people that want a card with good interest rate and a credit card without troubles. This credit card is affordable and allows users to have a good record of loan repayment without spending so much yearly.Affinity Credit Union Gold Choice Rewards MasterCard
This Affinity Credit Union low MasterCard is a standard-level card offered by CUETS (a financial institution affiliated with Affinity) and must be considered as one of the most balanced and reasonable ones available.

Features of Affinity Credit Union Low MasterCard

This card has an annual fee of$12and 3.99% promotional APR on balance transfer for 10 months. The APR may change.
The cash advance APR and purchases APR of 19.49, this may change.

ATM Cash advances are $ 2.00 in Canada and $ 3.50 outside Canada and cash advances are $ 4.00 in Canada and $ 4.85 outside of Canada.

The minimum payment that is delayed more than once within 12 consecutive invoicing cycles attracts a late payment rate increase of 5%.


You only have to meet the MasterCard Affinity Credit Union Low Fee conditions :
Be a resident in Canada and have a Canadian credit rating
Be at the age of majority in your province
Have no bankruptcy record in the past seven years and you have not seriously delayed payments

How To APPLY For Affinity Credit Union low MasterCard

You are to apply when you meet the above requirements? If so;
Go to the web page of the card to begin the application. Scroll through the list of available cards and look for the Low Fee MasterCard credit card. Click on Apply now.
Enter the credit union with your question. Tick “YES” and type “AFFINITY CREDIT UNION” in the empty space.
Click on Continue.
Make sure that the small box in the lower part with the name Information box is checked.
Provide your personal information, including date of birth, mother’s name and employment information. Do this carefully.
Adding an authorized user to your account is optional and you can skip.
Click on Continue.
Please read the terms and conditions carefully on the next page. If you agree with these conditions, check the box under the Terms window.
Click on the CUETS for assessment.
Stay calm and wait for responses on the status of your application from CUETS.

How to Login

To login, simply do the following :
Click on this link:
Enter your username.
Click on Login, to go to the next page. Enter your password. Then click on Send.
Access to your online account will be allowed so long your username and password are correct.

If you forgot your password follow the steps below :
Click on the forgotten password? Link next to the login field.
Then give all the necessary information, including your mothers maiden name and your date of birth.
Click on Send.
Follow these instructions and you will be able to recover your password.


Activating your card is a requirement for making your online bank account.
To activate, call the number 1(800)561-7849 and you will receive an automatic message system.
After activation, you can now register for an online bank account at CUETS.
To register, click on this link: which allows you to go to the web page with the subscription.
Click on the link “New user Register now”.
Enter your card number. Then Click on Send.
Enter your personal information.
Set up your security and login details.

Your account has been registered with CUET, and you can now start online banking

TELEPHONE: 1 (800) 561-7849
MAILING ADDRESS: Financial CUET // P.O. BOX 3030 //Regina, SK // S4P 3G8