Aqua Credit Card Features | Aqua Credit Card Application Guide | How to Login

Aqua Credit Card

Aqua Credit Card is a good credit card for anyone who has a bad credit. Aqua credit is a simple card that allows you to pay bills and finance other expenses. The card also offers advantages for cardholders, making them much more pleasant to use. This credit card does not charge any fees and does not charge extra for the use of a credit card

Features of the Aqua Credit Card

  • Cardholders earn 0.5% cash discount transferred to their account every year
  • The interest of 0% is made on purchases if payment is paid completely every month.
  • Receive a reward of $ 100 per year
  • You get a payment of 3% for withdrawals from international purchases
  • It also offers bad credit rewards
  • Your account can be opened quickly
  • allows balance transfers, such as MasterCard, VISA, etc.
  • Your account can be used online via Android phones, tablets, etc.
  • The card has no Annual fee
  • The Purchase APR rate is 35.95%

How to Apply for an Aqua credit card

Go to the online portal of the Card application

Enter your personal information. which includes the following; Title, name, surname, date of birth, marital status, security word

Then enter the following contact details; E-mail address, mobile number, house number, work number

Provide information about your life; Residence status, zip code

Enter the following information on employment and expenditure: Employment, your income, annually (before tax), you expect a deterioration of the financial situation in the near future. Are you interested in cash withdrawal immediately?

Enter your bank details; Bank account number,

View the details. Then click on Apply now to complete the request process.

How to Activate the Aqua credit card

To activate the new Aqua credit card, call the activation number 0800 028 7777. Enter the card data and map data and your card is ready for use.

How to Login to an Aqua credit card Page

Click on the login page and you will see the relevant part of the links

Enter your username and password in the white boxes and click on “Next”

Customer service of Aqua Credit

Call: 0800 028 7777

Post office: Aqua customer service

PO Box 173