Arvest Corporate Visa Credit Card | How to Apply | How to Login

The Arvest Corporate Visa Credit Card
The Arvest Corporate Visa Credit Card is a good card for a business owner who in search of a low priced credit card. This card has some great benefits and much savings which makes it a good card option for business owners.

With this card, you can track costs and expenses. A wide range of valuable travel benefits comes with this card. After collecting enough points you can collect them for gifts, travel rewards and as cash rewards.Arvest Corporate Visa Credit Card

Features of the Arvest Corporate Visa Credit Card

The card has No annual fee

The Card has a Purchase APR of 10.49% for Elite corporate Visa and 14.49% for Premier Corporate Visa, depending on the credit card

If this card has been successfully purchased, you will receive 0% introductory APR for the first six months of opening an account and you can order the Arvest Rewards program at no additional cost for this program.

You Receive 1 Arvest Flex for every $ 1 spent.

The card advance fee for the card is $4 or 4% of the amount of cash deposited based on the one that is higher

The late payment fee for this card is $29

Requirements for Appying for the Arvest Corporate Visa Credit Card

To use this credit card, the following requirements must be met:
You are at least 18 years old
You have a valid SSN number
You have a business tax identification number for your company
You have a bank account for the company

How to Apply for Arvest Corporate Visa Credit Card

Step 1 – Go to the Arvest Corporate Visa Credit Card using this link “” and click on Apply now.
Step 2 – Select your state from the drop-down menu and click on Continue to go to the application page. Please note that there are certain states that if you live in, you will be disqualified for this application.
Step 3 – Enter the required company information in the fields listed.
Step 4 – Then you must provide the Full physical address of the company and all other necessary information demanded in the area specified.

Step 5: Enter your bank name, account number and your business bank account manager here. Then choose central or individual billing so you can receive a general statement or multiple statement for each cardholder in this account.

Step 6 – Then select Yes or No to indicate whether you want to limit the number of cash withdrawals from each card. If you select Yes, you have to choose the credit percentage of the person you want to cash advances accessible for. Use the drop-down menu to select the date of the month from which you want the statement to be billed before proceeding to the next step.
Step 7 – Enter the name of the employee and the credit limit required by each cardholder at each specified area.

Step 8 – Select Yes to register with Arvest Rewards Program if you want to. Otherwise, select No. Then click on Continue to go to the next step.
Step 9 – Read the terms and conditions of this credit card to be sure that you want to complete the application. When you are ready, enter your first and last name with an authorized signature, enter a name, a social security number and a date.
Step 10 – Next you have to enter the name (signature) % of onwership, the social security number and the current date for at least one guarantor.

Step 11 – Finally, enter the name and phone number of the authorized representative and the e-mail address of the authorized representative at the designated space. When you are through, click on Send. If you have correctly completed all previous steps, then your card is ready for use.

How to Login

Go to the login page to access your online account by clicking on the “ Then enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. After that click on the Log In button and in the next window you will have to answer the security question to access the online banking home page.

Forgot username
If you have forgotten the user ID, go to the login page and click on the Forgot User ID button? Enter the email address and click the Submit tab. By following these steps, you can restore your user ID and access your account again.
forget password
If you have forgotten your password or want to reset your login details, click Forgot your password? Or reset login details? (both are on the login page). No matter which link you click, you must enter your user ID and email address in the empty box and click Submit. In the following steps, you can reset your login information and access your account with the updated credentials.


To activate your new Arvest Corporate Visa credit card, please dial the card activation number on 1 (800) 356-8085 and provide the required information over the phone. Once your card is activated, you can register for an online account.
To register to access your new account online, you can do so by calling 1 (866) 952-9523 the online banking number. Alternatively you can register online using the registration link. You must enter your account number in the appropriate fields and click Next. In the next steps, you can then sign up for online banking by following the instructions.

Telephone: 1 (866) 952-9523
Mailing Address: Arvest Bank // PO Box 799 // Lowell, AR // 72745