Arvest Platinum credit card Online Aplication | How to Login

The Arvest Platinum credit card

The Arvest Platinum credit card is certainly a great credit card option offered by Arvest to potential customers. This card has aa amazing low annual rate of 12.90% (APR may change) and a set of rewards that make the card really appealing. With this card, there are no annual fees. Comes with travel discounts such as emergency services and travel insurance.Arvest Platinum credit card
If are a client with the Arvest Bank and you are looking for a minimum premium credit card then you should consider having this card if your credit rating is good. Because your credit rating must be strong enough to qualify for a Platinum card. If you do not have the strong credit rating, you could consider a classic credit card or a Gold credit card with the same Platinum card reward program, only with higher interest rates.

Features of Arvest Platinum credit card

You receive 1point for every $1 spent
As a new User, you receive as sign up bonus 4.9% APR for Purchases, cash advances and balance transfer within the first six months after the card registration,
You will receive a cash advance fee of $ 4 or 4%, whichever is greater, and a $ 20 late payment fees
The card has $0 annual fees
The Cash Advance and Purchases APR is at 12.90% this APR can change.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:
You’re at least 18 years old
Keep an important US SSN
You have a valid address in the United States

How to Apply for Arvest Platinum credit card

Step 1 – First enter the card’s overview page where you can find Arvest’s personal credit cards. Select the option and click Apply Now in the Platinum Card window.
Step 2 – Use the drop-down menu to enable Arvest to find your location to find the nearest branch. Click on Continue
Step 3 – Fill in the empty fields marked with an asterisk with all required personal information
Step 4 – Enter the next set of personal information and housing information required in the area provided.
Step 5: The final part of the information requested relates to the employment and financial data. Enter all the necessary info in field specified for it.
Once you have completely entered all your personal information, read the card’s terms and conditions in order to fully understand what you are asking for. If you are satisfied with the conditions, click on Submit to conclude the application and send it to Arvest for review.


When you sign in to your account, you will be granted access to a number of card management tools that Arvest provides to cardholders. View bank statements, view your balance, bill payments, transfer money, and update your data.
To log in, go to and enter your username and password in the login field. Click the login button at the bottom to enter the account.

Forgot your username
If you do not remember your username in your account, just click the Lost username link in the login menu.
Enter your personal information to confirm your identity. Fill the blank fields with your account number, email address, last name, card number, social security number, birth date, and postal code. Click on Next and follow the instructions for restoring your username.

forgotten password
If you have forgotten your password, click on the request a temporary password? Account Disabled? (located in the login menu) and enter your username and email address into the empty fields on the next page.
Click on Next to continue. Follow the remaining steps to get a temporary password.

Activation / Registration of Arvest Platinum credit card

Activating the Arvest Platinum credit card. To activate the card, call 1 (866) 952-9523 and follow the instructions of the customer service. After activating the card, you can process the registration for an online account through
Enter all your Personal data required into the empty field on the registration page. Click on Next when each field is filled with personal information. Then create your login credentials and other security details deem necessary.

Telephone: 1 (866) 952-9523
Mailing Address: Arvest Bank // PO Box 799 // Lowell, AR // 72745