Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express is a credit card from American Express is one of many American Express credit options, the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express offers a cash reward program that outsmarts almost all other credit cards.

Unlike getting refund points, sometimes in the hands of third parties, Amex grants you the right to get 3%, 2% and 1% cash back on purchases. This card has a standard APR and offers $100 statement credit to any user who spends at least $ 1,000 in the first 3 months after opening the account. To ask for this card, follow our small guide below.

Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

Features of Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

  • Get 3% cash back at participating supermarkets,
  • 2% cash back at participating gas stations and department stores,
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • Get a Signup Bonus of $100 back cash after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months,
  • also 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months.
  • Has no annual fee.
  • Cash Advance APR of 25.74% (APR may change)
  • Cash Advance Fee is $5 or 3%, whichever is greater
  • Late Payment Fee, which is Up to $38
  • Purchases APR of 13.49% to 23.49%, based on your credit score (APR may change)

Requirements for Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

The following requirements must be met before continuing:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have a valid US postal address.
  • You have a valid SSN number.

How to Apply for Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

Step 1: Go to the Amex card Summary Page and you will see the secure application form. Now, find the “Apply now” button and tick it to access the form.

Step 2: Give your personal details on the registration page.

Step 3: Also give the following personal information: Telephone number, Home address, Total annual income, Invalid income(optional), Source of income. Then, click on Continue.

Step 4: Read the terms and conditions of this card, a document that sets tariffs, fees, and other price information that you need to know.

If you agree to the terms, click on “Agree and Send” to send an American Express card request and check which document complements your request.

How to login on Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

To access your online account, you must first go to the American Express home page.

You will see the login menu just below the American Express logo in the top left corner of the screen.

Give your username and password into open spaces and click on login to get to your account.

If you forgot your login details, click on forgot username or password? link under the login fields to go to the recovery page.

On the recovery page, you are to give your 15-digit card number and a 4-digit card ID on your card to start the recovery process.

Click on Continue to go to the other page. And you will receive instructions that are to be completed before you can recover your login details.

Activation / Registration

Activate your online card, by going to the Amex Blue Cash Everyday credit card page and entering the four-digit security code and card account number in the blank boxes.

Click on Continue to go to the other step, you can now edit your card before activating it.

The card can also be activated by calling: 1 (800) 528-4800 to contact a customer service representative to help you in this process.

If you have activated your credit card, then, you can sign up for an American Express online bank account.

To start this process by click on the “Safe Registration” link in the “Activities and Registration” section. Enter your 15-digit card number and 4-digit card ID on the sign-up page.

After providing card information, click on Continue to go to the other page, where you are to enter your personal information.

Finally, you decide to enter your username and password for your account. Now, your online account will be registered and you will be able to continue your account to manage your credit card.

Telephone:1 (800) 528-4800
Mailing Address: American Express // P.O. Box 981540 // El Paso, TX // 79998-154