Charter Oak Visa Platinum Credit Cards Login | Application Procedures

Charter Oak Visa Platinum Credit Cards

Charter Oak Visa Platinum Credit Cards

Charter Oak Visa Platinum Credit Cards is a credit card designed for those who are members of the Charter organization. The card has a fair interest rate. The Cards comes with different rates that can be of high benefit to people in different financial status. If you are a member of Charter and would want to apply for this credit card, you can use this practical and compiled guide in the registration process. Once you have selected the desired card, you can continue to use the application.

Features of Charter Oak Visa Platinum Credit Cards

  • The card has no sign up bonus, no annual fee and Purchase APR 13.99 but the Visa Platinum has an APR of 9.25%
  • There is no cash advance fee.
  • The late fee is up to $ 25.


You must meet these requirements to apply successfully:

  • You are at least 18 years old,
  • Have a social security number valid from the US
  • Have an address in the US
  • have at least one identity document issued by the government and
  • Be a member of the Charter Car Credit Union.

Charter Oak Visa Platinum Credit Cards Login

Cardholders can access their online account by going to the login fields on the home page.

When you’re there,

look for the user name field on the right side of the page.

Enter the required information to go to the next page where the password is requested.

Enter the password and click on login.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your username, you can restore it by calling the customer service line at 800-962-3237.

Charter Oak Visa Platinum Credit Cards Application Procedures

Go to the on the general information page where you can find the credit card information to access the

secure application for Visa Platinum credit cards. On the page, click on the Apply today link.

Step 1: First, ascertain what card you want and the amount is needed. Next, you must indicate your membership qualifications if you are not a current member and decide whether you want to submit a the application as a co-owner.

If you want to rely on the applicant and click the field with this description, Use the menu to specify the exact type of the applicant you want.

If you want, you can indicate the debt protection. As such, the customer representative will contact you after submitting the application.

Step 2 – Enter the necessary personal information in the available fields to continue filling the application.

Step 3 – Enter information about the place of residence as needed. Select the next option to continue.

Step 4 – Enter the required employment information

Step 5 – Enter the needed details for all sources of extra income and debt sources in the section specified. Then click on next to continue.

Step 6 – Provide Answer to the three legal questions. Then enter all additional info, read the information, and click on submit.

How to Activate

Activating the card is easy, just call the number on the back of the card (800-299-9842). If you want to activate the card online, you must first apply for Charter Oak Credit membership. Members can activate cards from their member portal. To apply, click the link.

Once you click, you will be transferred to a secure application. Enter the information you need to complete the application:

Also enter the necessary information for the account ownership section.

Finally, enter the required information in the section with your account name. Once you’ve finished, fill  the captcha form and click on Send Request.

Contact Info

Telephone: 800-962-3237


Mailing Address: Charter Oak Federal Credit Union 1055 Hartford Turnpike Waterford, CT 06385