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Coles Low Rate MasterCard

Coles Low Rate MasterCard

The Coles Low Rate MasterCard is offered by Coles Financial Services. This is a credit card with low-cost credit card that has a fee of 12.99% per annum. on purchases, and offers its cardholders flybuys points when shopping in Coles supermarkets.

Features of Coles Low Rate MasterCard

  • Has an annual fee of $ 58
  • There is a 0% on purchases for 15 months.
  • Card Holders Get 1 point for every $ 2 spent in Coles supermarkets
  • Users get $ 10 from your Coles grocery store and at checkout when you collect 2,000 flyovers
  • You can combine the MasterCard card and a Flybuys card in one, to help you transmit a single card instead of two
  • it has a Free Coles Mobile app and uses to get flybuys offers with your phone you can easily monitor your purchases for your profit and control.
  • Offer up to 55 days with no interest on purchases when you pay the full balance each month

    the Annual fee is $ 58

  • fees for cash advances is $ 5
  • the transaction fees is 2.5%
  • Late payment fee is $ 10.00
  • Over-the-counter transaction fees: $ 2.25
  • Fee for a paper statement is $ 2.00 per proclamation.
  • Requirements

    Applicants for the Coles card must not be under the age of 18

  • Earn a base salary of $ 25,000 each year or more
  • It should be an immutable Australian occupant
  • A decent FICO rating is required
  • He/She should have an Australian phone number
  • Must have an e-mail address to allow the user to obtain electronic statements and different notifications via e-mail.
  • The existing flybuys registration number must be prepared.

How to Apply

  • Visit the  application page of Coles Financial Services
  • In the data fields, enter the necessary informations
  • Read and Accept the electronic communications declaration
  • click on Continue to complete the main application procedure.

How to Activate

On the Web, visit and log in using your username and password
Go to “Manage my card” and press “activate” to validate your card.

How to Use the Coles Wallet Mobile app

Download the Coles Mobile Wallet app and follow the instructions to activate your card.

Telephone activation process
Call 1300 306 397 to start your card.

How to Login

To login and have access to your credit card account;

Go to login page
Enter your username and password
Click the “Sign in” link to access your account’s dashboard.

How to recover your forgotten details

When accessing the login page, click on the “Forgotten Username or Password” tab.
Password recovery
Enter your username and the sixteen digits number on your card or statement

To recover username
Enter your 16-digit card number, which can be found on your card or ad.

Make Payments with the Card

You can pay your bills with the card. To do it
Go to and log in with your username and your secret word
Click on the “My payments” area and click on the “New Bill” tab to make payments.
Choose the credit card with which you want to pay the bill and click the new bill payment tab.

Go through the instructions and make bill payments.

customer service number
Call: 1300 306 397