Community First Credit Union Students Choice Rewards MasterCard Features | Login | Application Guide

Community First Credit Union Students Choice Rewards MasterCard 

Community First Credit Union Students Choice Rewards MasterCard

Community First Credit Union Students Choice Rewards MasterCard is a card designed a college student and a member of the First Union Credit Union, you may be interested in Student Choice Rewards MasterCard. It offers a 1 point / dollar reward program that can be changed for cash prize, products, the trip to Europe that you have planned for the third year or whatever you want. Although the annual fee of $ 24 is barely perceptible, the annual interest rate may be 19.49%.

Features of Community First Credit Union Students Choice Rewards MasterCard

  • You earn 1 point for each dollar spent on qualifying purchases 
  • With a sign up bonus of 1000 bonus points when applying 
  • The Purchase APR is 3.99% on balance transfers for the first 10 cycles of billing, 
  • The card has an annual fee of $ 24,
  • The Cash Advance APR of 19.49%, ATM cash advance of $ 2.00 in Canada; $ 3.50 out of Canada; non-cash tariff; $ 4.00 in Canada; $ 4.85 out of Canada, 
  • There is no fee for late payment.

How to Apply for Community First Credit Union Students Choice Rewards MasterCard

The first thing you should do is visit the official website and locate the Student Choice Rewards Mastercard option. You can click on the Apply Now” button to start the online application.
Before you can access the application forms, you must select Yes to indicate whether or not you are a member of the credit union, and enter that state into the box provided.

Step 1 – Please verify that you accept that CUETS provides the Electronic Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by checking the box at the top left.
Step 2 – You can now start entering your personal information as requested.
Step 3 – You will be asked to enter some information about your employment according to your employment status. Do it correctly in the field provided.
Step 4 – Choose whether or not you want to add an authorized user and enter your information ad correctly.
Step 5 – Please verify that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and, if so, indicate it to complete the application process.

How to Login 

Gain access to your online account is possible. All you have to do is visit the homepage of Choice Rewards Mastercard. Once you’re there, Enter your username and then click “Sign In”.
You will be directed to a second page to fill in the password in the field shown. 

Next click on submit.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot your password?” and then you will guide through the recovery process by entering your name and mother’s birth date.

How to Activate the Card

To activate your card, you must call the number 1-800-561-7849.

Telephone: 1-800-561-7849