EastWest Credit Card Features | EastWest Credit Card Application Guide

EastWest credit card

EastWest credit card

EastWest credit card is a credit card that is offered by EastWest Banking Corporation. This gives cardholders many benefits and benefits, which makes buying EastWest credit cards a lot more pleasant.

Eastwest credit card offers cardholders a fee for the use of the card. Users can also earn rewards for purchases, which they then pay for future purchases, gift cards or goods.

Features for the EastWest credit card

  • The Eastwest credit card can be used for a cash advance
  • The credit card can be used to pay for the purchase of goods and services
  • The card Offers a free membership for cardholders
  • EastWest Platinum virtual card is provided by the bank to protect the normal credit card limit.
  • Secure 3D technology is offered to ensure the security of online transactions
  • Cardholders benefit from a 3% discount on every purchase anywhere
  • Receive 5% cash bonus from supermarkets, medical shops and petrol stations
  • Earn 5% -10% discount on fuel purchases and other purchases.

How to Apply for an EastWest credit card

Go to the EastWest Bank internet portal

Choose the type of EastWest credit card you are looking for

The next step is to provide personal information. As follows; Where did you get to know about the credit card? EastWest name and first name, middle name, surname, name on the card, date of birth, place of birth, name of mother filled, gender, civil status, , citizenship, number, ACR, tax identification number, address of place of residence, zip code, houses, years of stay, mobile phone number, home phone number, your most important e-mail address, alternative e-mail address

The next step requires work and information about funding, including the following: Source fund, employment, Years on-going, ranking, occupation, nature of current activities, company name, department, business address, zip code, company Gross income

Then you have to provide the credit card information that is; Card issuer, Credit card, Member since, Credit limit

This step requires information from your spouse, which is as follows; Name of the spouse, company name, position, department, company address, postal code, company number Ph., Nr. Mobile phone, GAI

Providing commercial information; Full name, company name, position, department, contact number

Then check your invoice number and account overview

Click on the I Accept the term and condition.

Then click on “Continue” to complete the application process.