eBay Credit Card Features | How to Apply | How to Login | How to Make Payment

eBay Credit Card

eBay Credit Card is offered by Synchrony credit good card. The eBay credit card has a lot of rewards and benefits for the card users if the requirements for obtaining it are met.

eBay Credit Card

Features of eBay Credit Card

  • The card users, stand to gain rewards for all purchases made. Rewards can be in form of gift cards, cash back, coupons and others.
  • The card users get 2% cash for every purchase on gas and restaurant bills.
  • The eBay credit card is 24-hours available for purchases and has more than 24 locations.
  • Rewards of 800 points can be given and exchanged for gift cards, restaurant, and retail gas shopping.
  • If a card user gets up to 6000 points, he /she earns money into his/her PayPal account.
  • Card users can earn up to 15,000 points for a travel trip, hotel or rental payments.
  • It offers 60 days of protection.
  • It has a warranty package.
  • It protects against identity theft at 0% cost.
  • It provides security.
  • No annual fee for using the card.
  • Payment of 3% for every foreign transaction
  • The Intro APR is 0%
  • The APR rate is between 21.49% to 49%

Before the application to the eBay credit card is approved;

  • The applicant must have a PayPal account.
  • The applicant must be up to at least 18years of age

How to Apply for an eBay Credit Card

To apply for an eBay credit card,

visit it’s official website, enter all required information and click submit.

How to Activate the new credit card

To activate the new card, simply call the eBay customer service on 866-419-4095

How to login

  • Go to the eBay credit card login page and scroll down
  • Enter your username and password in the space available for it
  • Click on the login tab.

How to recover the password and username.

It is very easy to recover your password and the username of the credit card.

Simply Enter your e-mail address or username

Click “Continue” to go to the password reset panel

How to make payments

  • Sign into your credit card account
  • Select the payment tab
  • Choose the appropriate payment and pay the bill.

Customer service number

To contact eBay’s Customer’s service, call 866-419-4095.