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National Bank Business MasterCard.

National Bank Business MasterCard.

The National Bank Business MasterCard is a good credit card that comes with two option; a standard and a reduced APR  card, and gives you a promotional 3.9% APR on all balance transfer and cash advances for the first billing cycles. This credit card has an online portal with which users can carry out specific tasks. So, use this short guide be apply, activate cart and login to credit card account

Features of National Bank Business MasterCard.

The card has no reward.

Has a promotional 3.9% APR on all balance transfers and cash advances for the first 6 billing cycles

It Has an annual fee of $0-$15.

Card comes with a cash advance APR of 8.9%-22.99%, based on the program chosen (APR may change).

Has cash advance fee of $3.50 at National Bank ATMs and other financial institutions in Canada, and $5.00 at other financial institutions outside of Canada.

The late payment fee is that the interest rates will increase to 24.99% for purchases and 27.99% for balance transfers and cash advances when the minimum payment is not made 2 consecutive months or 3 times during any 12 month period.

It has purchase APR of 13.9%-19.99%, based on the program chosen (APR may change).

Requirements for National Bank Business MasterCard.

To apply for this credit card, the following requirements must be met:

You must operate a Canadian business.

You are to be a citizen of Canadian.

You must be at maturity age in your province or territory.

How to Apply for National Bank Business MasterCard.

Step 1: First, you are to click on this link to access the registration page where you are to choose the “Apply tab found below the credit card image to continue.

Step 2: You are to give your promotional code, if you have one and submit your desired credit limit.

Step 3: Give the required business information.

Step 4: Supply the requested personal information.

Step 5: Also, give the required financial information.

Step 6: Then, provide the requested employment information.

And click on Continue after submitting the above information.

Step 7: At the peak of the subsequent page, you can apply for an additional card. Under it, indicate your desired APR. Note that the regular rate has a higher APR and no annual fee. But the reduced rate will cost $15 annually.

Step 8: You can now combine your previous balances into one bill, if you wish. So, give the necessary information. Beneath that, tick the small box highlighted in red to specify your compliance to the terms indicated under the important heading. Then, click on Continue to proceed.

Step 9: On the page which appears, is a review of all the information you have submitted. So, read and check it for accuracy.

Step 10: Finally, you are to read the terms of this credit card and check the “I accept” bubble found at the base of the page. So, click on “Submit to end of the application process, and you will get their confirmation.

Guide to login to your National Bank Business MasterCard.

To login, go to this credit card homepage and click on “Login to continue.

Then, give your Username and Password and click on “Next. Go through the subsequent pages to access your online banking account.

Also, you can log in with your Secure ID passkey and PIN as opposed to your password. To do this, choose the “Authentication with the Secure ID passkey tab found in the login menu. Then, in the login window, give your Username, Secure ID passkey code, and your PIN and click on Next. Continue with the next few pages and you will have access to your online banking.

If you forgot your password, choose the Forgot Password link found in the main login menu. The next page, give your User code, Last name, and First name. Then, click on Next and you will be able to recover your password.

Otherwise, if you forgot your PIN, click on the Forgotten PIN link found in the Authentication with Secure ID passkey login menu. And follow the instruction given to recover your PIN.

Activate your National Bank Business MasterCard.

To activate your new credit card just call this number: 1 (844) 394 4494 and speaking to a customer service representative. But, you are to give the required personal and business information for your card can be activated. After the activation process, you are to register for an online banking account by calling one of the numbers below and using the instructions given. Sadly, there is no means of online registration at this time.

Telephone: 1 (888) 969 2273

Mailing Address: MasterCard Solutions // 600, De la Gauchetiere Street West // Suite 1847-4 // Montreal (Quebec) // H3B 5B1.