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Newyork and Company Credit Card
Newyork and Company Credit Card
Newyork and Company Credit Card offer a $10 loan for every $200 issued. This is the equivalent of a 5% cashback, which is almost five times the average price of other cards.
Newyork and Company credit cards offer special benefits if you spend at least $400 per year at New York & Company, your normal earnings will be a 10% refund.
You will also receive a gift voucher worth $15 for your birthday instead of the $10 standard.
Newyork and Company Credit Card sometimes offer free delivery, that is, if you regularly purchase items from and you pay shipping costs in the process. Newyork and Company Credit Card have not added annual costs to the other functions.

Features of  Newyork and company credit card

Make 1 point for each dollar spent on the card
Earn $ 10 when you spend $200 on your card. ($20 for members of Premier Cardmembers). Bonus: can be combined with discount coupons.
Open and use the card and receive a 15% discount on your next purchase
$10 for birthday or $15 for Premier Card members ($ 400 per year + per year)
No intro APR
Intro Transfer APR
Regular APR – 26.99%
No Annual fee
No Cash Advance
No Cash advance fee
To apply, you must endure
You are over 18 years old
You have a valid proof of identity that is valid for the government
You have a social security number in the United States

How to Apply

Go to the website
Enter all the needed personal information.
By providing your contact information, including a mobile phone number you agree to be contacted by one of the Comenity Bank or Comenity Capital Bank accounts via calls to mobile phones, text messages or phones, included messages and calls via automated systems phone calls or e-mail
Add an authorized buyer, here you have the possibility to add an authorized buyer to your account.
Authorized buyers who can purchase your account but are responsible for payments made for all purchases as the owner of the main account.
You can now add an authorized buyer to your account. Once the account is open, you can add up to four authorized buyers.