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SunTrust Rewards Credit Card

SunTrust Rewards Credit Card

The SunTrust Rewards Credit Card is designed for all clients and customers of SunTrust. And as a Client when you use this card for all purchases on gas and grocery store regularly, you stand the chance of earning lots of cash backs which in turn increases your savings on purchases made.

Does SunTrust have credit cards?

Many cards are available with no annual fee or foreign transaction fees. Additional rewards are available with qualifying checking, savings or investment accounts, making

Yes! It does have a credit card which comes as a great choice for customers who met the requirements. There are extra rewards that come with qualifying checking, savings or investment accounts.

SunTrust Rewards Credit Card Rates and Rewards

Cardholders get 5% Cash discount on purchases of $6,000 made on gas and grocery within the first 12 months

Offers 2% Unlimited Cash discount on purchases made on gas and grocery after your introductory bonus cash discount

Unlimited Cash discounts of 1% on all other qualifying purchases

New user gets 0.0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months

It comes with Competitive rate, varying between 13.49%–23.49% APR

A Balance Transfer fee of $10 or 3% is charged on the amount of the transfer

No foreign transaction fees are charged on the card

How to Apply for SunTrust Rewards credit card

To apply, go to the secure page and click on the SunTrust credit card and Click the “Apply Now”

Enter all required personal information

Provide your information on income, SSN and date of birth.

Next read the terms and conditions if you are okay with it then click on Submit.

Activating my credit card?

To activate the card, simply turn the back of the card and locate find the customer care number behind it to do so or use the number 800-337-1140 to activate your card.

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