USAA Credit Card Features | How to Apply | How to Login

USAA Credit card

USAA Credit card

The USAA credit card is issued by American Express and can be used anywhere where the MasterCard is accepted.

The USAA credit card is only offered to members of the USAA and their family members to facilitate their lives. This credit card offers many benefits, including bonus points and discounts. Cash Rewards can be redeemed at any time on a mobile device or computer. The card is especially useful for members of the army and their families

Features of a USAA credit card

  • The USAA Credit Card offers cardholders 2,500 bonus points on their first purchase and does not offer an expiry date or limit for the winning points.
  • Cardholders earn 2 x points for a dollar spent on gas and groceries without restrictions.
  • It offers 1 point for every dollar spent on daily groceries.
  • Get a discount of 5% of your first gas and land purchases for $ 3,000 for the total position.
  • You get a 2% discount off the first $ 3000 on purchases done in the supermarket per year
  • You get 1% cash discount for everything else
  • Do not charge for foreign transactions when traveling outside the United States.
  • No Annual fee or costs with the card
  • No initial APR rate
  • The Purchase APR value is 26.15%
  • The Cash Advance APR is 26.15%
  • Cash advance fee is 3% (maximum $200).

Application requirements:

  • The Applicants have to be over 18 years of age or older
  • The applicant must have a valid address in the United States
  • The applicant must have an American social security number
  • The applicant must be a member of the USAA or be associated with someone who is.

How to Apply

  • Go to the USAA credit card home page.
  • Go over to “Cash Rewards American Express” and click on “Get Started”.
  • Check if you are already a member of the USAA and click on “Continue”.
  • You then go to a new page where you have to log in and submit an application. To log in, enter “Online ID” and “Password” and click “Login”.
  • If you do not have an online USAA account, you must first apply for a USAA membership.

To check the status of your USAA Cash credit card, call 1-800-272-9440 and enter the registration number for registration.

How to Activate the USAA Cash Credit Card

  • To activate your newly purchased USAA Cash credit card, Simply call the number 1-800-531-USAA.
  • You can also activate your online card. To do this;
  • Click on ‘Register’ in the Logon section
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you need to confirm your identity, whether you are a member or not, and touch the “Continue” button.
  • Enter the “US Account Number” or “Your Social Security Number”. Click on “Next” to activate your card.

How to Login to a USAA credit card

  • Visit the login homepage
  • Press “Login”
  • Enter your ID and password online at the top right of the page
  • Press “Login”

To restore your user ID or password, if forgotten simply tap the Forgot ID or Forgot Password link on the login page and provide the necessary information.

How can you make Payment with USAA Credit card

  • Log in to your online credit card account.
  • Locate the dashboard in the account
  • Select the correct payment tab to pay bills.
  • You can also authorize an automated payment scheme by direct debit and pay the credit card company directly from the bank.

Customer Service Number

Use 1-800-272-9440 or 1-800-556-4146