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With the ANZ Rewards Credit Card, you get rewards when you make a purchase on the credit card. You get points as you continually make purchases daily. These points earned are easily replaced for rewards goods and even Cashback discounts

ANZ Rewards Credit Card

ANZ Rewards Credit Card Rewards

You get a reward of $ 1 on purchase eligible up to $ 1,000 for the period, including

Get rewards of 0.5 points on each $ 1 spent on purchase eligible that is above $ 1000

Earn money to purchase the right to enjoy the comfort of You have access to about 36 million worldwide locations, as you make purchases with your card and earn on the card.

You enjoy reward on travel options, entertainment, gift cards, coupons, shopping, and other products. You can simply redeem these point online. Call 1300 367 763 to do so. If you do not have enough points to cover the travel expense, simply pay the balance.


With ANZ Falcon ™ you can track transaction in emergencies

You will not be liable for fraudulent credit card transactions with the return of counterfeit money ANZ ANZ

The ANZ Credit Card Insurance system offers extra protection on this credit

A purchase interest rate is 79% per year

The cash advances rate is 99% per year

Balance transfer rate is 99% per year

The total annual fee $ 80

Days of grace to interest-free purchase is 44 days

A minimum credit limit is $ 1,000

You can add 3 Additional cardholders for an annual fee of $ 65 for each additional card holder.

How to Apply for a Credit Card ANZ Rewards


How to get an ANZ Credit Card?

To apply for an ANZ credit card, you need to :

You are 18 years old or older

Do you have a good credit rating

Be a permanent resident of Australia, receiving a minimum annual income of 15,000 US dollars

Or resident outside of Australia, who has over 9 months at Visa, earning a minimum annual income of 15,000 US dollars

Info Needed are:

Australian driver license number (if any)

Information about income, expenses, assets, and debt

The last two salaries pay slip to check

If you are a Self-independent business person, you will need the mobile number of your accountant

Apply Now

Enter your name, email address, primary phone number, additional phone, date of birth, marital status. The answer to the question.

Enter the address, the block/street number, street name, suburb, postcode, street style, status, how many years have you lived in your current location, what your life situation?

Give an answer to the question asked

Check the terms and conditions, fees and charges, agree to it by checking the box if are okay with it.