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Asiana Visa Business Card

Asiana Visa Business Card is a credit card for any person who travels regularly with Asiana Airlines. If you use Asians Airlines often then, it may be of interest to buy the Asiana Card.Asiana Visa Business Card

Features of Asiana Visa Business Card

This card has a reasonable Purchase APR of 13.74% and although

It has an annual fee of $ 80, this cost can easily offset several benefits associated with the Asiana Airlines card.

You get 2miles for every dollar spent on Asiana Airlines purchases, 1 mile per $ 1 on all other purchase, , and two $ 100 a year discounts to buy Asiana Airlines tickets and two-mile airlines for all purchases from Asiana Airlines.

As a new cardholder, you will receive 10,000 miles after the first purchase.

If you think Asiana Business Card is right for your needs, scroll down and follow our step by step guide describing how this book to add and use.

Before sending data requests, we recommend that you read the Bank of America Privacy Policy.

Applications for Asiana Visa Business Card

To use this credit card, you must meet the following criteria:
You are at least 18 years old
You have an SSN number
You have a tax identification number
They have a postal address in the United States

How to Apply for Asiana Visa Business Card

Step 1 – To get started, go to Asiana credit card page and scroll down to select Asiana Visa Business Card. Once you get it, click on the red link to request access to the online application form.
Step 2 – On the application form, find the business section and start filling out the necessary information in the required area.
Step 3 – In addition to legal and financial information companies, enter all necessary information in the appropriate fields.
Step 4 – At this stage, check the box indicating that you can borrow for the company. Therefore, you must provide all the personal information
Step 5 – You will be prompted to enter the contact information and personal data below, House phone number, Email Address, citizenship, Country of Residence, Date of birth
Step 6 – Enter the requested information on revenue and expenditure so they can get a clearer picture of your personal finances.
Step 7 – First, carefully read the terms and conditions of this credit cards and if you agree with the terms, select the field below and click on Confirm Information. Then you will see a summary of all the information you entered in the application. If all the information is correct, click on Send to submit the application for verification.

How to Login

To get access to your online bank account, go to the companies, the Bank of America login page and go to the secure login window. Enter your ID and password online here
Enter the code in the appropriate fields and click Sign in to access your account.

Forgot your password/username
If you forgot your credentials, you can restore the data by clicking the appropriate link at the bottom of secure login (forgot your ID or forgot the password). So you will need to provide a full card number, full SSN or TIN number and access code (download the online ID) or online ID (your password change). Click on Continue and on the next pages, update your credentials, and regain access to your account.
If you forgot both sign-in information, click on forgot your ID and password online? Once you click this link you will be asked to enter the full card number and before clicking Continue, type SSN or TIN. Follow the instructions on the following pages and get your ID online and create a new password.

There are two ways to activate the Asiana Visa book.

The card can be activated by dialing the number 1 (800) 732-9194 or by activating the card via the internet by registering your bank account online at Bank of America.

To register for online banking, click on the secure registration link Then, enter the full card number or account number and full social security number or fiscal identification number in the locations shown on the account registration page.

Click Continue, and on the following pages, as instructed, you can create an online bank account.
Congratulations! Your credit card is activated and registered for online banking with Bank of America.

Telephone: 1 (800) 732-9194
Mailing Address: Bank of America // PO Box 982234 // El Paso, TX 79998-2234

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