Kwik Trip Credit Card | Kwik Trip Credit Card review

Kwik Trip Credit Card
kwik trip credit card

Kwik Credit card is issued for use at Kwik Trip service stations. It provides cardholders benefits that make their purchase more enjoyable. The kwik credit card gives the cardholders a great reward option because of purchases made with the card.

Kwik Trip Credit Card benefits

  • There is 2% discount on purchases
  • Provides cardholders 1% for every purchase made
  • Cardholders can earn $5 worth of goods that are issued four times a year
  • Kwik Credit card does not pay interest for the first 6 months of purchase
  • You can access your account via your smartphone or laptop

Kwik Credit card fees/rate

  • Annual fees are not charged
  • The Consideration/grace period is 25 days
  • the foreign transaction fee is free of charge
  • There is no cost for Intro APR

How to Apply for a Kwik Trip credit card

To apply for this credit card, the candidate must do the following;

  • Go to the Kwik credit card webpage
  • Provide the following company information;

The name of the business contact person

The surname of your business contact

The name of the company

The phone number of the company

Postal Code

E-mail address

E-mail confirmation

The number of vehicles

How did you discover us?

  • Here you have to click on ‘Next step’ to continue with the application process
  • The next step requires some business information. They include;

Company Address 1

Company address 2



Postal Code

Business category

Years with the current owner

Type of activity


Monthly estimated fuel costs

Federal code

The method for spreading the statement

5-digit security password

Confirm your 5-digit security password

  • The next step requires information about the business owner. They are as follows:

Your name, Social Security, Residence Address, Address line 2, city, state, zipper, telephone number, Date of birth

  • View the terms and conditions and select “Next” to continue the application process
  • Then you must provide information about the vehicle card, which is as follows:

Card 1 – description, type of vehicle, type of purchase, the request from the driver

Card 2 – description, type of vehicle, type of purchase, requests from the driver

Driver’s ID 1 – name of the driver, pin code

Driver’s ID 2 – name of the driver, pin code

  • Finally, go to the information provided and click on ‘Send secure application’ to complete the registration process.

How to check the status of the credit card application

Take 1-800-305-6666 to check the status of the Kwik credit card request

How to activate the Kwik Trip credit card

To activate the new Kwik card that you have purchased, call 1-800-305-6666

How to login

  • Go to the Kwik card connection page
  • Enter a valid e-mail address and password
  • Tap “Log in” to log in to the Kwik Trip card account.

How to recover a username or password

  • Go to the link “Forgot password” on the login page of the Kwik Trip card account
  • Enter the required information about the e-mail address
  • Click on ‘Request a new password’ and log in to your Kwik Trip card account.

How to make a payment with a Kwik credit card

  • Log in to your account
  • After logging in, you will find your payout table
  • Choose the method that suits you best and pay your bills

Kwik Trip Credit Card Customer Phone Number

Call 1-800-305-6666 or go to the customer service page to access customer service.