Luma Credit Card

Luma Credit Card

Luma credit card

If you are looking out for a suitable credit card, then the Luma credit card is a great option. This card is usually made available by capital one. And because it is easy to take care of online.  Cardholders can gain access to their accounts every time of the day and from any location.

The card enables cardholders to manage their credit limits up to £1,500. The Luma credit card is a perfect choice for building credits if your credit scores are low. It does not charge an annual fee for using the card. It enables you to gain entry into your online account anywhere, anytime

With the Luma Credit Card, Cardholders can improve the finances of their households and can count on total spending and also Automatic fraud notification and identity theft protection.

Features of Luma Credit Card

The Annual fee is $0

Purchase APR rate is 35.9%

late payment fee is £12

Fee for exceeding the credit limit is £12

How to Apply for Luma Credit Card

  • First, go to the Capital One secure application page
  • Enter the necessary details; Title, First name, Middle name, Last name, Date of birth, and Age
  • Next, provide your contact details; Answer if you live in the UK, Time at current address, Residential status, House/Flat Name/Number, and Postcode
  • Provide Your total yearly income before taxes, Monthly income, Employment status, Occupation, Are you interested in taking an immediate Cash Advance?
  • You can then create your account, by providing the following; Email, Confirm Email, Sign up for online-only statements. Tick “Yes” or “No”, Mobile number, Home number, and Work number.
  • Go through and tick the appropriate boxes, for the questions asked.
  • Ensure to read through the important info on the card, if you agree to the terms and agreement of the card, click on the “Submit” button, to submit your application for approval


To activate your new Luma Credit Card, simply call the number 0333 000 0477 to do so

How to login

Go to the login menu  on the homepage

Enter username and password

Click on the “Sign In” field to access your account.

Forgotten details

This is how you can recover the Luma CC password or username

Visit the Capital One help page

Key in your response to your security questions

customer services for Luma credit cards

Call 0333 000 0477 to access your customer relationship agent.