Pep Boys Credit Card Rewards | Pep Boys Credit Card Apply

Pep Boys Credit Card issued Synchrony financial institution which offers a number of advantages and benefits to cardholders, such as the repair of the car during the holidays, repair and maintenance of vehicles, etc.

Pep Boys Credit Card

This card has a low requirement on credit, with no annual fees charged

Pep Boys Credit Card can be used for payment as a convenient way to cover all costs associated with the repair and operation of the car

Cardholders have access to vehicle repair during the holidays, Pep BoysCarCareONE card can be used at Pep Boys stores and dealers participating in the United States.

Credit cards CarCareONE with Pep Boys approved by all US gas stations and Exxon Mobil.

Where can the Pep Boys Credit Card be Used

The Credit Card can be used in the pop boys stores, also U.S. Exxon and Mobil gas stations and Lall other affiliate dealers across US

Pep Boys Credit Card Rewards

The Credit Card offers special financing for the purchase of $ 199 or more for 6 months and $ 750 or more within 12 months.

A minimum monthly payment is charged

Payments by credit card Pep Boys is much easier and make unexpected repairs become more manageable.


The card has no Annual fees charges

No Intro APR Charge

Cash Advance APR Fee not included

Purchase APR not Applicable

How to Apply


Applicants must meet the following criteria for the approval of credit card Pep Boys

The applicant must be 18 years of age

Must have a valid government photo ID

The applicant must be a resident of the United States

Apply Now

Go to the application page to begin the application for a credit card, and then click “Apply OnlineĀ» on the last page.

You will be redirected to another page where you fill completely

After filling in all the data that you need to determine whether or not you apply for yourself or for someone else.

Enter the required information in the field provided

Select a method for statement delivery. You can choose paperless statements or electronic statements.

Choose a debt-cancellation plan (up to $10,000) when the following events occur: unemployment, hospitalization, Leave of absence, Nursing home stay, disability or loss of life.

At the end read the insurance policy, which will be useful in case of emergency.

Click “Continue” to complete the process.

customer service

Call: ( 800) 621-8545