OneTravel Credit Card | How to Apply | How to Login

OneTravel Credit Card.
OneTravel credit card
OneTravel credit card is normally provided by Synchrony Bank. This is a credit card that comes with an attractive six points for a used dollar for purchase done on

Features for OneTravel Credit Card

Cardholders get four points for an issued dollar and two points for a dollar spent everywhere.
This card enables you to earn an impressive six points per dollar on purchases.
As a user, You stand a chance to earn a reward of an extra point for every dollar you spend on flights, three extra points for a dollar spent on hotels and car hire and an extra point for every dollar you spend on travel. Note: This only applies to purchases from in these categories.
You get seven points for a spent dollar on flights and missed trips and nine points for a spent dollar on hotels and car rentals between OneTravel, your membership number and credit card.
After you have purchased OneTravel for $399 or even more, you can choose from rewards or special funding for six months.
The Purchase APR is 23.74%
late payment feeis $38
How to Apply for a OneTravel credit card
To apply for and obtain permission for OneTravel credit cards, applicants must pay attention to the following;
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a social security number (SSN)
  • The applicant is expected to reside in the US.
  • He must have a photo ID issued by the government of the US.
  • Requires a clear credit history.

How to Apply

Go to the application page
Then you must provide the following personal information; First name, M.I. (Optional) Name, Suffix (optional) Street, Apt # (optional), postcode, city and country of residence, telephone Primary (Type) / NIP, date of birth, annual net salary and time to current address.
Select the means of delivery of the account statements by selecting the option next to the option; Electronic statements or paper statements
Check your synchronization speed and commission
Agreement on the conditions for the use of a credit card
After filling in the details above, you must tap “Send secure” to send the order.
Activation of the Card
To activate the new OneTravel credit card you purchased, call 1-888-437-4930

How to log in to the OneTravel credit card

To login effectively to your OneTravel credit card, you will need to
Go to the login page for Synchrony Bank Card Services, endeavor to do the following:
Enter your user ID
Enter the password
Click on the secure login link to gain access.
Forgotten details:
To restore your OneTravel user ID or password or your username, simply
Go to the login page
Tap “Search user ID” just above the login button
Enter your credit card number and zip code.
Tap the ‘Search user ID’ link to restore your user ID.
Go to the login page for the synchronization bank, Choose the ‘Reset password’ link
Enter the user ID on the new page you are looking for
Enter the zip code.
When you do, then you will receive an e-mail in the e-mail with a temporary password for resetting your password
Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that the password has been changed.

How to Make Payment with OneTravel Credit Card

Log in to your credit card account
Click on “Pay invoice”
Then you must enter the following information; Give your bank name and bank account number your invoice number.
Endeavor to select the amount you want to pay. You can make a minimum deposit or withdrawal of the balance of the previous settlement, the current balance and any amounts on the current balance.
You must specify a week to process the first payment on the internet. With later online payments, wait a maximum of 72 hours to place your payments
Making Payment On the phone.
Call customer service at 1-888-437-4930 OneTravel enter the card number and the bank account details and the amount you want to pay. Then follow the automatic instructions to plan your payment.
To access OneTravel credit card customer service number, Please kindly
Call 1-888-437-4930 for customer service attention.